Join us in Harrisburg on September 18 and 19 to learn the latest developments in stormwater and green infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

The profile of stormwater has steadily been increasing in recent years. More than ever, municipalities, businesses and homeowners are looking for opportunities to effectively manage rainwater as a resource where it falls and to improve water quality. Green infrastructure experts will provide current local and regional perspectives and practical, cost effective solutions for managing stormwater in Pennsylvania.

Keynote Speakers (invited): Senator Edwin Erickson and Representative Robert Freeman – Overcoming Policy Challenges

Dinner Speaker: Brian O’Neill – Sewer Surfing: A tale of survival

Conference Overview

There remains a reluctance to choose green infrastructure to address stormwater and combined sewer overflow problems. Conference speakers will address opportunities to lower this barrier and increase the collective knowledge base to make it easier to choose green infrastructure options. Topics covered will include meeting regulatory compliance with Best Management Practices, financing models, offsetting mitigation, designing and retrofitting for cost effectiveness, operation and maintenance considerations, municipal codes and stormwater fees just to name a few.

Continuing education credits available for solicitors, engineers and landscape architects. Engineers are eligible for 8 Professional Development Hours. Landscape Architects are eligible for 8 Continuing Education Units. We are still finalizing the eligibility for solicitors.

About the conference organizers

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council is a leader in promoting the use of Green Infrastructure as a way to manage the growing stormwater runoff problem across the state. Stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces (roads, parking lots, roofs, sidewalks, etc.) can cause serious environmental and human health problems due to erosion, flooding, and the discharge of sewage into our public waterways through combined sewer overflows (CSOs). Traditionally, gray infrastructure (sewer pipes) was the standard method of managing all stormwater. However, gray infrastructure is no longer adequate at handling the current volume of stormwater, and alternative (green) approaches are now being used.

PEC, established 42 years ago, is a statewide non profit organization that provides consulting and advocacy on environmental issues facing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our  key to success is our expertise, convener power and regional perspective.  PEC believes the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can serve as a national model for implementing collaborative solutions to environmental protection and restoration. This success is built from the work of partners that recognize the inextricable links between the environment, the economy and our quality of life.